Our guarantee to you...If for ANY reason you are unhappy with the products you received, please send them back to us within 60 days of the invoice date for a full product refund, with NO questions asked! It is our way of assuring you that we guarantee you'll enjoy our products, and if you do not, then we will do everything to make your business experience with Raw Bliss Products the most enjoyable. We are proud of the fact that...

We do not charge a restocking fee

We do not require you to contact us beforehand, nor do we require you to get a "return authorization" from us. You have up to 60 days of the invoice date to return merchandise.

Returns within our policy are not questioned for any reason

When sending us returns, we would appreciate it if you could provide a short explanation (although not necessary) for the reason of return. This helps us to better understand our customers needs and complaints and assists us in developing better products. When returning items you have two available options.

You may ask for a Raw Bliss Products store credit redeemable on your next order

You may ask for a refund to your credit card, or if you paid for your order with a check/money order we can issue you a refund from a money order or cashiers check


Product Delivery: Please allow 3-5 Business days for delivery

Refunds and credits for returned merchandise will be issued only for the amount of material returned. We are unable to accept returns for international orders and there are no returns on materials that have been mixed or blended together with other ingredients. This contaminates the raw product and we are unable to use it appropriately. We do not accept returns for "clearance" items.

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